How It Works

Our awesome designers will develop and design your custom Virtual Business Card using the same look and feel of your paper business card, website and or social media accounts. The process couldn’t be any simpler.

  1. Upload a picture or digital file of your business card
  2. Upload your profile picture or headshot.
  3. Complete the Virtual Card Vital Information form and submit payment.

STEP 1: Upload a Picture of Your Business card

STEP 2: Upload your profile picture, a head shot or whichever photo you would like to use on your card.

STEP 3: Please click the link the below to submit the Virtual Card Vital Information Form then follow the prompts to submit payment.

How to Download Your Virtual Card

You Will Receive a Text Alert

You will receive a text alert on your phone when your virtual business card is ready with instructions and a link for your Explorer App to download.

Open Exporter App & Save

Click the 2nd link in the text to open the Exporter App. Bookmark/ save Exporter App to your Phone’s Home Screen.

Custom App Icon Displayed

After your Exporter App has been added on your phone’s home screen, it will be displayed prominently for easy access.

How to Share Your Virtual Business Card

Tap the App Icon

When you want to share your Virtual Business Card, just tap the App icon on your home screen to open the Exporter App.

Type Phone Number in Exporter App

After you tap your App Icon, just type the client’s phone number and your client’s name in the First Name field and Last Name field then click “Send Virtual Card”.

Client Will Receive Virtual Business Card

Your client should now have received a text message with a link to your Virtual Card. They simply need to click on the hyperlink to open your card. They can then save it to their Contacts.